Railroad Earth


  • From Stillwater, New Jersey.
  • Formed in 2001 by Andy Groessling (banjo), Tim Carbone (fiddle), John Skehan (mandolin), Carey Harmon (percussion), Dave Von Dollen (bass), Todd Schaeffer (guitar).
  • They are a jam band specializing in roots & Americana music with bluegrass, folk, celtic, rock and jazz thrown into the mix.
  • Their name was derived from a short story by Jack Kerouac titled “October in the Railroad Earth.”
  • Lead vocalist Schaeffer was a founding member of a band called “From Good Homes.”
  • Groessling and Carbone formerly had a group called “The Blue Sparks from Hell.”
  • 2002, released Bird In A House album (Sugar Hill).
  • 2004, released The Good Life album (Sugar Hill).
  • 2006, released Elko album (Sci Fidelity).
  • 2008, released Amen Corner album (Sci Fidelity).
  • 2010, released Railroad Earth album (One Haven).
  • 2014, released Last of the Outlaws album (Black Bear).
  • 2015, released Railroad Earth: Live at Red Rocks album & DVD (Black Bear).