Mighty Poplar


  • From Nashville & other locations.
  • A band formed in 2020 by Noam Pikelny (banjo), Chris Eldridge (guitar), Greg Garrison (bass), Andrew Marlin (mandolin) and Alex Hargreaves (fiddle). Pikelny and Eldridge are also in the Punch Brothers. Garrison is in Leftover Salmon. Marlin is in Mandolin Orange and Hargreaves is in Billy Strings.
  • They decided to form this band so that they could perform more traditional bluegrass.
  • How they got their name: On a live recording by Bill Monroe and Doc Watson, after performing the song “What Will You Give in Exchange for Your Soul,” Bill remarked to Doc that the song as recorded by himself and his brother Charlie had been “mighty poplar” down in the Carolinas.
  • 2023, released first album Mighty Poplar (Nonesuch). It was nominated for a Grammy award in 2024.