• From Brooklyn, New York.
  • Formed in 2006 by record-producer and guitarist Rench (Oscar Owens) who combined bluegrass with hip-hop to record the theme song for the FX television network’s show “Justified.”
  • 2014, released Rappalachia slbum (Rench).
  • 2014, released Broken Hearts and Stolen Money album (Rench).
  • 2015, released American Music album (Rench).
  • Since 2018, band members have been 2018 has been Rench (vocals, guitar, beats), Dolio the Sleuth (MC, vocals), R-SON the Voice of Reason (MC), Dan “Danjo” Whitener (vocals, banjo), and B.E. Farrow (vocals, fiddle).
  • Fans include Howie Mandell (“America’s Got Talent”) and the late author Elmore Leonard.
  • 2019, they appeared at the Station Inn in Nashville, the first time a hip-hop group had ever appeared at the iconic bluegrass venue.
  • 2019, released Pocket Full of Fire album (Rench).
  • 2020, released No Time for Enemies album (Rench). This album went to #1 on the Billboard Bluegrass Chart.