East Virginia


  • From Norfolk, Virginia.
  • Formed in 1974 by brothers Art and Joe McDonough.
  • The only bluegrass band to get its start in a barbershop. “Jack’s Barbershop” in Norfolk, Virginia held jam sessions on Friday nights. A bar owner across the street asked them to play (for free beer) and they came up with the name, based on one of the songs they had learned, “East Virginia Blues.”
  • 1977, released “The Winds of East Virginia” album (Major).
  • 1977, released “Sings of Witches and Whippoorwills” (Lark).
  • 1979, released “New Sounds, New Seasons” album (Rounder).
  • 1980, released “Pathways of Tradition” album (Rounder).
  • 1981, broke up but re-united in 1999 to record “Back Home in East Virginia” album (Copper Creek).