Cumberland Gap Connection


  • From Pike County, Kentucky. Band members are from both Kentucky and Tennessee.
  • Formed in 2004 by Mike Bentley (guitar and lead vocals). Other band members: Rod Smith (banjo), Clint Hurd (mandolin), Bryan Russell (bass).
  • Cumberland Gap is a famous pass (now a national park) through the Cumberland (Appalachian) Mountains at the juncture of Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia.
  • 2010, released A Whole Lotta Lonesome album, produced by Steve Gulley (Kindred Records).
  • 2011, two new members joined the band: John Miser on mandolin and Albon Clevinger on fiddle, both of Kermit, WV.
  • 2013, released Another Song album (Mountain Fever).
  • 2015, Jeff Smith (bass) and Josh Brown (guitar) joined the band. Other band members: Bentley (guitar), Smith (banjo), Miser (mandolin).
  • 2016, released “Mike Bentley & Cumberland Gap Connection” album (Union House).