Country Gentlemen Tribute Band, The


  • From Washington, D.C. area.
  • Formed in 2005 as Bill Yates and Friends by Bill Yates, a 20-year member of the Country Gentlemen, and started with Mike Phipps (guitar), Bill Yates (vocals), Darren Beachley (guitar) David Propst (mandolin), Scott Walker (banjo), Mark Clifton (Dobro™) and Dave MacGlashan (bass). They later became known as The Country Gentlemen Tribute Band and have continued on as such with Mike Phipps sounding remarkably like original Country Gentlemen’s lead singer, Charlie Waller..
  • YBill Yates passed away in 2015. The band has continued on with the most current members being Mike Phipps (guitar), David Propst (mandolin), Lynwood Lunsford (banjo), Darren Beachley (Dobro™) and Kyle Windbeck (bass).
  • 2006, released Bill Yates & Friends: The Country Gentlemen Tribute album (MasterShield).
  • 2009, released Bill Yates & Friends: The Country Gentlemen Tribute, Volume II album (MasterShield).
  • 2023, released Yesterday and Tomorrow album (Patuxent Music).