Country Gazette, The


  • From Levelland, Texas.
  • They were called “America’s Bluegrass Band.”
  • Formed in 1970 in Los Angeles featuring Byron Berline (fiddle), Alan Munde (banjo), Kenny Wertz (guitar) and Roger Bush (bass). Herb Pederson was originally going to play banjo but dropped out early and was replaced by Munde.
  • They recorded two albums for United Artists after touring Europe with The Flying Burrito Brothers.
  • 1972, released “A Traitor in Our Midst” album (United Artists)
  • 1973, released “Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” album (United Artists)
  • 1974, Wertz left the band and was replaced by Roland White.
  • 1974, released “Country Gazette Live” album (Antilles).
  • 1975, released “Out to Lunch” album (Ariola).
  • 1975, Berline and Bush left and the band continued under the leadership of Alan Munde and Roland White. Other band members over the next twenty years included Joe Carr, Dave Ferguson, Billy Joe Foster, Gene Wooten, Michael Anderson, David Grier, Bill Smith, Dawn Watson and others.
  • 1077, released “What a Way to Make a Living” album (Ridge Runner).
  • 1979, released “All This and Money Too” album (Ridge Runner).
  • 1981, released “American and Clean” album (Flying Fish).
  • 1983, released “America’s Bluegrass Band” album (Flying Fish).
  • 1986, released “Bluegrass Tonight!” album (Flying Fish).
  • 1988, released “Strictly Instrumental” album (Flying Fish).
  • 1995, they disbanded for good.
  • 2004, Alan Munde formed a new band called “The Alan Munde Gazette.”