• Southern California-based band featuring Byron Berline, Dan Crary, John Moore, John Hickman and Steve Spurgin.
  • Formed in 1991. They were formerly called B-C-H (Berline, Crary, Hickman). Changed name to California when Spurgin and Moore were added to the group.
  • While the group was called California, John Moore was the only California native.
  • 1992, 1993, won IBMA award for “Instrumental Group of the Year.”
  • Broke up in 1996. Crary and Spurgin left to pursue solo careers. Moore performed with his trio “Bluegrass Etc.” and also trained horses. Berline formed his own “Byron Berline Band” with John Hickman on banjo in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Berline also owned a music store and concert venue called “Byron’s Double Stop Fiddle Shop” and promoted an annual bluegrass festival in Oklahoma. Both Berline and Hickman are now deceased.