Bluegrass Alliance, The


  • From Louisville, Kentucky.
  • Formed in 1968 by Dan Crary (guitar), Wayne Stewart (mandolin), Buddy Spurlock (banjo), Lonnie Peerce (fiddle) and Harry Shealor (bass, AKA Ebo Walker). Danny Jones (mandolin) was also an early member of this band. Peerce eventually became the leader of the band.
  • Former members of the band: Sam Bush (mandolin), Tony Rice (guitar), Vince Gill (guitar), Marshall Billingsley (bass), Al White (mandolin), Bill Millet (banjo), Courtney Johnson (banjo) and Curtis Burch (guitar).
  • They were the first group to use the term “newgrass.” (The New Grass Revival emerged from this band in 1971.)
  • 1969, released self-titled album (American Heritage).
  • 1970, released “Newgrass” album (American Heritage).
  • 1975, released “Kentucky Blue” album (American Heritage).
  • Broke up for good in 1978.
  • 1996, Lonnie Peerce died at age 73.
  • 1998, Barry Palmer, a banjo-player and long-time fan of the BG Alliance, formed a new group using the same name in Atlanta, Georgia. Peerce had given Barry the rights to the name before he died. This group recorded an album called “Re-Alliance” in 2001.