Blue Highway


  • From Johnson City, Tennessee
  • First gig: 12/31/94 (New Year’s Eve).
  • Band members: Tim Stafford (guitar), Wayne Taylor (bass), Shawn Lane (mandolin), Jason Burleson (banjo), Rob Ickes (Dobro™). When the band formed, Tony Brown played banjo and fiddle. He was replaced by Burleson very early in the band’s development.
  • 1996, won IBMA awards for Emerging Artist of the Year and Album of the Year (for “It’s a Long Long Road.”
  • 1997, won IBMA award for Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year (for “God Moves in a Windstorm”).
  • 1998, Burleson took a leave of absence from the band and was replaced by Tom Adams. Burleson returned to the band two years later.
  • 2004, won IBMA Award for Gospel Recorded Performance of the Year (for “Wondrous Love”).
  • 2008, won IBMA Award for Song of the Year (for “Through the Window of a Train”).
  • 2012, won IBMA Award for Vocal Group of the Year.
  • They are one of the few bands (if not the only band) in bluegrass to keep all of its original members for 20+ years.
  • 2015, Rob Ickes retired from the band and was replaced by Gavin Largent of Winchester, Virginia, a former member of Michael Cleveland and Flamekeeper.
  • 2018. Largent was replaced by Justin Moses.
  • 2019, Moses was replaced by Gary Hultman (formerly with the Boxcars and Highland Travelers).