Big Country Bluegrass


  • From Independence, Virginia.
  • Formed by Tommy and Teresa Sells in 1987.
  • Perform what some call “Galax” or “Mt. Airy” bluegrass: a very hard core traditional sound.
  • James King is a former member of this band.
  • Their name came from the Jimmy Martin instrumental “Big Country” (performed by J.D. Crowe on banjo). That was the first song recorded by the band in 1989.
  • 1999, won a contest sponsored by Martha White flour on the occasion of their 100th anniversary for having the best rendition of the Martha White Theme. They got to perform it live on the Grand Ole Opry.
  • 2013 lineup: Tommy and Teresa Sells (mandolin/guitar), Eddie Gill (guitar, lead vocals), Lynwood Lunsford (banjo), Tony King (bass), Tim Laughlin (fiddle).
  • 2016, Lunsford (banjo) left the band after 9 years and was replaced by John Treadway.
  • 2023, Daniel Martin (banjo) joined the band.