Bennett, Richard


  • From Johnson City, Tennessee.
  • Age 11, played guitar on the Martha White Caravan for the Rose Brothers. Age 15, played guitar with fiddler Benny Sims. Then worked with The Toe River Boys, the Webb Brothers, and Mousie Creek (Gatlinburg, TN).
  • 1983-1990, worked at Dollywood theme park.
  • 1990-95, joined J.D. Crowe and the New South.
  • 1995, joined Lou Reid and Carolina
  • 1996, joined Tim White’s group, “The Beagles.”
  • 1996, recorded first solo project “Walking Down the Line” on Rebel Records.
  • 1998, formed a group called Blue Towne.
  • 1998, released Long Lonesome Time album (Rebel Records.)
  • 1999, released “Richard Bennett and Blue Towne” album on Rebel Records.
  • 1999, formed group “Auldridge, Bennett and Gaudreau” with Mike Auldridge and Jimmy Gaudreau.
  • 2004, worked with Dean Osborne.
  • 2010, formed a band called Rigsby, Leadbetter and Bennett with Don Rigsby, Phil and Matt Leadbetter.
  • 2012, released Last Train From Poor Valley album (Lonesome Day Records).
  • 2014, released In the Wind Somewhere album (Lonesome Day Records.)
  • 2019, released a duet EP with Shawn Lane called “Land and Harbor” (Bonfire).