• From Anchorage, Alaska.
    • 2000, formed by a group of young music camp counselors who were drawn to bluegrass and traditional music. For several years they conducted music camps for bluegrass festivals across the U.S.
    • Original members: Kate Hamre (bass), Mike Mickelson (guitar), Jason Norris (mandolin), Annalisa Tornfelt (fiddle), Angela Oudean (fiddle)
    • 2001, entered and won the Telluride band competition.
    • 2002, released first album Only Time Knows (no label) selling more than 7000 copies the first year.
    • 2006, released Follow Me album (Alliance Records) featuring 8 original songs written by Tornfelt.
    • 2008, Odessa Jorgensen (fiddle) replaced Annalisa Tornfelt.
    • 2009, released Doors & Windows album (Alliance Records).
    • 2010, Hamre left the band, as did Mickelson. Hamre was replaced briefly by Sam Grisman, son of David Grisman.
    • 2011, after numerous personnel changes, the band relocated to Nashville with a new lineup including Oudean (fiddle), Todd Grebe (guitar), P.J. George (bass) and Nora Jane Struthers (guitar, vocals).
    • 2011, released American Story (Alliance Records).