High 48’s, The


  • From the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area.
  • Formed in 2006.
  • Their band name came from the world of trains. The 48 was a type of box car used in France during World War I. Originally called a “40 & 8″ — after the sign painted on the side of each car indicating its capacity of 40 men or 8 mules — the 48 carried American troops to and from the front in World War I.
  • Members: Rich Casey (bass), Eric Christopher (fiddle), Chad Johnson (mandolin), Marty Marrone (guitar) and Anthony Ihrig (banjo)
  • 2008, won first place in the band competition at Rockygrass (Lyons, Colorado).
  • 2014, recorded an album of train songs called Great Northern Railroad (no label).