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How’s the Weather?

Here are some songs that might be appropriate when the weather turns bad … or good!

General Weather Songs:

  • Bad Weather
    • Claybank “No Escape” (Mountain Fever)
  • Breaking on the Jimmy Ridge
    • Larry Cordle (Mighty Cord Records)
  • Can’t Trust the Weatherman
    • Cadillac Sky “Blind Man Walking” (Skaggs Family Records)
  • Earth, Water, Wind and Fire
    • New Grass Revival “On the Boulevard” (Sugar Hill)
  • Fair Weather
    • Alison Brown (with Vince Gill) “Fair Weather” (Compass)
  • More Bad Weather on the Way
    • Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers “Rare Bird Alert” (Rounder)
  • Pretty Little Weather Girl
    • Mitch McCollum “Just a Workin’ Fool” (Mitchikambo)
  • Weather’s Gonna Change
    • Rich in Tradition “Black Mountain Special” (Mountain Roads)


  • Ain’t Gonna Rain No Mo’
    • The Osborne Brothers “1956-1968, Disc 2” (Bear Family)
  • Big Blue Raindrops
    • Del McCoury Band “Streets of Baltimore” (McCoury Music)
    • Josh Slone and Coal Town (Rural Rhythm)
  • Cold Old Rainy Day
    • The Grass Cats “A Good Way to Get the Blues” (New Time)
  • Cold Sheets of Rain
    • The Virginia Squires “The Best of …” (Rebel)
    • Bill Emerson and the Sweet Dixie Band (Rebel)
  • Early Morning Rain
    • Tony Rice “Me and My Guitar” (Rounder)
  • Five More Days of Rain
    • Blue Moon Rising “One Lonely Shadow” (Lonesome Day)
  • Here Comes the Flood
    • Dailey & Vincent “Patriots & Poets” (BFD)
  • It Rains Everywhere I Go
    • Lynn Morris “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • It’s Raining in L.A.
    • Third Tyme Out “Letter to Home” (Rounder)
  • It’s Raining Here This Morning
    • The Dillards “Backporch Bluegrass” (Elektra)
    • Ralph Stanley II “Pretty Girls, City Lights” (Rebel)
  • January Rain
    • The Lost & Found “January Rain” (Rebel)
  • Let It Rain
    • Donna Ulisse “An Easy Climb” (Hadley Music Group)
  • Listening to the Rain
    • The Osborne Brothers “Once More” (Sugar Hill)
    • Mike Mitchell “Small Town” (no label)
  • Little Rain
    • Bill Emerson and the Sweet Dixie Band (Rebel)
  • Looks Like Rain
    • The Front Porch String Band “Lines and Traces” (Rebel)
  • On This Rainy Day
    • Wayne Taylor on the Jimmy Gaudreau CD “In Good Company” (CMH)
  • Pockets Full of Rain
    • Kathy Kallick Band “Horrible World” (Live Oak)
  • Rain
    • Clay Hess “Rain” (Kang)
    • The Lost and Found “Across the Blue Ridge Mountains” (Rebel)
    • Valerie Smith “Wash Away Your Troubles” (Bell Buckle)
    • Tim Stafford “Endless Time” (FGM)
  • Rain Please Go Away
    • Alison Krauss and Union Station “Lonely Runs Both Ways” (Rounder)
    • Larry Stephenson “Everytime I Sing a Love Song” (Webco)
  • Rainin’ on Her Rubber Dolly
    • Joe Diffie “Homecoming: The Bluegrass Album” (Rounder)
  • Rainmaker
    • Peter Rowan “Dust Bowl Children” (Sugar Hill)
    • Northern Lights “Can’t Buy Your Way” (Flying Fish)
  • Rain Won’t Quit
    • Billy Droze “To Whom It May Concern” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Rainy Nights and Memories
    • Brand New Strings “No Strings Attached” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Rythm of the Rain
    • Larry Stephenson “Every Time I Sing a Love Song” (Webco)
  • Sad Rainy Day
    • Janet Beazley “5 South” (Backcountry)
  • Saint Vrain
    • Finders and Youngberg (FY5) “Eat the Moon” (Swingfingers)
  • The World Needs a Washin (so Why Shouldn’t It Rain?)
    • The Little Roy and Lizzy Show (Mountain Home)
  • Walk Out in the Rain
    • Ronnie and Rob McCoury (Rounder)
  • When It Rains
    • Lou Reid “When It Rains” (Sugar Hill)
  • and of course, play anything by Carrie Hassler and HARD RAIN


  • As Long As The Wind Blows
    • Jim & Jesse “The Jim and Jesse Show” (Old Dominion)
  • Big Wind
    • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver “Lonely Street” (Rounder)
    • Bass Mountain Boys “Love of a Woman” (Rebel)
  • Blue Lonesome Wind
    • Auldridge, Bennett & Gaudreau “Blue Lonesome Wind” (Rebel)
  • Chilly Winds
    • The Spinney Brothers “Memories” (Mountain Fever)
  • Cold Wind
    • Joe Val “Diamond Joe” (Rounder)
    • David Peterson & 1946 “David Peterson & 1946” (no label)
    • The Circuit Riders “Let the Ride Begin” (Pinecastle)
  • Cold and Windy Night
    • Johnson Mountain Boys “Requests” (Rounder)
  • Cruel Wind and Rain
    • Jim Lauderdale “Reason and Rhyme” (Sugar Hill)
  • The Devil is a Mighty Wind
    • Robin and Linda Williams “The Rhythm of Love” (Sugar Hill)
  • Dreadful Wind and Rain
    • Jerry Garcia “Shady Grove” (Acoustic Disc)
  • Four Strong Winds
    • Tony Rice “Me and My Guitar” (Rounder)
  • Hear the Wind Blow
    • Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs “1959-1963, Disc 1” (Bear Family)
  • In The Pines
    • Bill Monroe (complete with wind sound effects) “Bluegrass 1950-1958 Disc 2” (Bear Family)
    • Many other artists have recorded this song as well, including the Osborne Brothers, Jimmy Martin, The Seldom Scene, etc.
  • Lonesome Wind Blows
    • The Bluegrass Album Band “The Bluegrass Compact Disc, Volume 2” (Rounder)
  • Lonesome Wind Blues
    • Reno & Smiley “Bluegrass 1959-1969, Disk 1” (Starday)
  • Something in the Wind
    • The Seldom Scene “Act Four” (Rebel)
  • Windy Mountain
    • Tim O’Brien “Where the River Meets the Road” (Virtual Label Group)
    • Doug Dillard Band “Heartbreak Hotel” (Flying Fish)
    • Longview “High Lonesome” (Rebel)
  • There a Cold Wind Blowin’
    • Country Gentlemen “The Early Rebel Recordings 1962-1971” (Rebel)
    • Ronnie Bowman “Epilogue: A Tribute to John Duffey” (Smithsonian)
  • They Call the Wind Maria
    • Bobby Osborne “Original” (Compass)


  • Here Comes the Flood
    • Dailey & Vincent “Patriots & Poets” (BFD)
  • Muddy Water
    • Seldom Scene “Act Three” (Rebel) and “Scene 20” (Sugar Hill)
    • Osborne Brothers “Nashville” (Pinecastle)
    • David Davis and the Warrior River Boys “Troubled Times” (Rebel)
  • The Flood
    • Highland Grass on Prime Cuts Vol. 88
  • Saint Vrain (about the 2013 flood in Lyons, CO)
    • Finders and Youngberg (FY5) “Eat the Moon” (Swingfingers)
  • River of Death
    • Bill Monroe “Bluegrass 1950-1958 Disc 1” (Bear Family)
    • The Bluegrass Album Band “The Bluegrass Compact Disc Vol. 2” (Rounder)
    • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver “Rock My Soul” (Sugar Hill)
  • Stormy Waters
    • Jimmy Martin “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” (Gusto)
    • The Special Consensus “25th Anniversary” (Pinecastle)
    • Joe Val “Diamond Joe” (Rounder)
    • Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver “School of Bluegrass” (Sugar Hill)
  • Drifting With The Tide
    • Don Reno & Red Smiley “Early Years 1951-1959 Disc 1” (Starday)
    • Ronnie Reno “In Concert” (Shell Point)
    • Ronnie Bowman “Cold Virginia Night” (Rebel)
  • Roll Muddy River
    • Osborne Brothers “1956-1968, Disc 4” (Bear Family)
    • The Grascals “Long List of Heartaches” (Rounder)
    • Paul Brewster “Everybody’s Talkin'” (Ceili)
  • Roll On Muddy River
    • Chris Hillman and the Hillmen “The Hillmen” (Sugar Hill)
  • The Flood on Stoney Creek
    • Mickey Harris “Find My Way” (no label)
  • The Lonesome River
    • Stanley Brothers “The Stanley Brothers and the Clinch Mountain Boys 1949-1952” (Bear Family)
    • This song has been recorded by Ralph Stanley, Bob Dylan, Doyle Lawson and many others.
  • Buffalo Creek Flood
    • James Reams (based on a 2/26/72 disaster in Logan County, West Virginia. 125 people died) “Barnstormin'” (no label)
  • Nelson County Flood
    • Fall Line Bluegrass Band “New Day Dawning” (no label)

Hurricanes, Tornados, Storms:

  • Carolina Hurricane
    • Carolina Road “Carolina Hurricane” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Coast of Carolina
    • Thomm Jutz “Crazy If You Let It” (Mountain Fever)
  • Hurricane
    • Phil Rosenthal “A Matter of Time” (Sierra)
  • Hurricane Elena
    • Larry Rice “Hurricanes and Daydreams” and “If You Only Knew: The Best of Larry Rice” (Rebel)
  • It’s Hard to Run Away from the Storm
    • Larry Rice “Hurricanes and Daydreams” (Rebel)
  • Like A Hurricane
    • Chris Hillman “Like a Hurricane” (Sugar Hill)
  • March 2, 2012 (date of a devastating Kentucky tornado)
    • Turning Ground “March 2, 2012” (no label).
  • Midnight on the Stormy Deep
    • Bill Monroe “Country Music Hall of Fame” (MCA)
    • Tony Rice “Manzanita” (Rounder)
    • Dry Branch Fire Squad “Just for the Record” (Rounder)
  • Storm
    • Blue Highway “Sounds of Home” (Rounder)
  • Stormy Night
    • John Cowan on “I’ll Take Love: from the pen of Louisa Branscomb” (Compass)
  • Storm Over Oklahoma
    • Byron Berline and Sundance “Byron Berline and Sundance” (MCA)
    • BCH “Chambergrass” (Sugar Hill)
  • Stormy Weather Once Again
    • Joe Diffie “Homecoming: The Bluegrass Album” (Rounder)
  • The Storms Are On The Ocean
    • Carter Family “Anchored in Love: The Complete Victor Recordings” (Rounder)
    • Flatt & Scruggs “1959-1963 Disc 2” (Bear Family)
    • Alison Krauss w/ Doc Watson, Earl Scruggs & Ricky Skaggs “The Three Pickers” (Rounder)
    • Bryan Sutton “Bluegrass Guitar” (Sugar Hill)
    • Front Country “Other Love Songs” (Organic)
  • Tennessee Twister
    • Dave Adkins “Nothing to Lose” (Mountain Fever)
  • Thunder Clouds of Love
    • Hylo Brown & his Timberliners “1954-1960” (Bear Family)
    • Valerie Smith & Liberty Pike “That’s What Love Can Do” (Bell Buckle)
  • Twister
    • Mountain Heart “Force of Nature” (Skaggs Family)
  • Twister (instrumental)
    • Lynn Morris Band “You’ll Never Be the Sun” (Rounder)
  • When the Storm is Over
    • New Grass Revival “When the Storm is Over” (Flying Fish)


  • Colder and Colder
    • Volume Five “Voices” (Mountain Fever)
  • Colder December
    • Blue Moon Rising “Blue Side of the Moon” (no label)
  • Cold Spell
    • Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen “Cold Spell” (Compass)
  • Cold Frosty Morn
    • Laurie Lewis and Tom Rozum “Winter’s Grace” (Dog Boy)
  • Cold in Carolina
    • Junior Sisk and Rambler’s Choice “Poor Boy’s Pleasure” (Mountain Fever)
  • Cold and Lonely
    • Clay Hess Band (Pinecastle)
    • The Chapmans “Simple Man” (Pinecastle)
  • Cold Old Rainy Day
    • The Grass Cats “A Good Way to Get the Blues” (New Time)
  • Ice Covered Birches
    • Cliff Waldron and the New Shades of Grass “Traveling Light” (Rebel)
  • Ice on the Timber
    • Cedar Hill “Write Bill a Letter” (Nickeltown)
  • It Sure Gets Cold This Time of Year
    • Ralph Stanley II “Pretty Girls City Lights” (Rebel)
  • Keep Your Memory Warm
    • Carrie Hassler “The Distance” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Long Cold Winter
    • David Crow “As the Crow Flies” (Pinecastle)


  • A Hundred and Ten in the Shade
    • The Seldom Scene “Scenechronized” (Sugar Hill)
  • Hot Day in August
    • Gary Ferguson “I’m Really Leaving” (Webco)
  • It’s Just Too Hot for Words
    • Spectrum “Too Hot for Words” (Rounder)


  • Pray for Rain
    • Blue Mafia “Pray for Rain” (Pinecastle)
  • We Need Rain
    • Brush Arbor “2” (Capitol)


  • Pray for Rain
    • Blue Mafia “Pray for Rain” (Pinecastle)
  • Fire on the Mountain
    • Various Artists
  • The Devil’s Broom
    • Shannon Slaughter “Hold On to Your Heart” (Elite Circuit)


  • April Snow
    • Northern Lights “Take You to the Sky” (Flying Fish)
  • At the First Fall of Snow
    • Longview “Deep in the Mountains” (Rounder)
  • Cold and Lonely
    • The Chapmans “Simple Man” (Pinecastle)
  • Footprints in the Snow
    • Bill Monroe (Various albums)
  • Half an Inch of Snow
    • Damian Muller “You’ve Still Got It” (Thornbriar Music)
  • Snow
    • Steve Gulley and Tim Stafford “Dogwood Winter” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Snowflakes
    • Kathy Kallick Band “Foxhounds” (Live Oak)
  • The Snow
    • Kathy Kallick “Between the Hollow and the High Rise” (Live Oak)
  • When the Bluegrass is Covered with Snow
    • The Boxcars “Familiar with the Ground” (Mountain Home)
  • When the Snow Falls on my Foggy Mountain Home
    • Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers “They’re Playing My Song” (Rebel)
    • Dave Evans “Bluegrass Memories” (Rebel)
  • When Snow Falls on the Bluegrass
    • Cody Shuler and Pine Mountain Railroad (Steeltown)
  • The Fallen Snow
    • David Parmley and Continental Divide


  • California Earthquake
    • The Seldom Scene “The New Seldom Scene Album” (Rebel)
  • California Earthquake (Hartford)
    • John Hartford “Catalogue” (Flying Fish)


  • Fair Weather
    • Alison Brown (Vince Gill, vocal) “Fair Weather” (Compass)
  • Out Comes the Sun
    • The Grascals “The Famous Lefty Flynn’s” (Rounder)
  • Sun’s Gonna Shine on My Back Door Some Day
    • Flatt and Scruggs (Various Albums)
    • Lost and Found “Sun’s Gonna Shine” (Rebel)
  • Sunny Side of the Mountain
    • Jimmy Martin and his “Sunny” Mountain Boys (Various Albums)
  • Sunshine
    • Jonathan Edwards and the Seldom Scene “Blue Ridge” (Sugar Hill)

Moonshine (not the liquid kind):

  • Carolina Moon
    • Lou Reid & Terry Baucom “Carolina Moon” (Rebel)
  • Bad Moon Rising
    • The Seldom Scene “Dream Scene” (Sugar Hil)
  • Quarter Moon
    • Blue Highway “Marbletown” (Rounder)
  • Blue Moon of Kentucky
    • Bill Monroe (Various Albums) and many other artists as well.
  • Footprints in the Snow (ie. “I went out to see her, There was a big round moon”)
    • Bill Monroe (Various Albums)
  • Fool’s Moon
    • David Peterson & 1946 “In the Mountaintops to Roam” (no label)
  • Moon Man
    • The Infamous Stringdusters “Fork in the Road” (Sugar Hill)
  • Southern Moon
    • Longview “Longview” (Rebel)
  • That Moon Is No Stopping Place for Me
    • Reno and Smiley “Variety Show” (King)
  • Tennessee Moon
    • Ray Cardwell “Tennessee Moon” (Pinecastle)
  • When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold
    • Lester Flatt & Mac Wiseman “Flatt on Victor” (RCA Victor)
    • Bill Monroe “Bluegrass 1959-1969, Disc 3” (Bear Family)
    • Osborne Brothers “Class of ’96” (Pinecastle)
    • Jim and Jesse “Bluegrass and More, Disc 2” (Bear Family)
  • Is the Blue Moon Still Shining?
    • Bill Monroe “Bluegrass 1959-1969, Disc 4” (Bear Family)
    • Kathy Kallick & Laurie Lewis “Together” (Rounder)
  • Midnight Moonlight
    • Old and in the Way “Old and In the Way” (Round)
    • Northern Lights “Three August Nights” (1-800-Prime CD)
  • Howlin’ at the Moon (Sam Bush)
    • Sam Bush “Howlin’ at the Moon” (Sugar Hill)
  • Sitting Alone in the Moonlight
    • Bill Monroe “Live at the Opry” (MCA)
    • The Bluegrass Album Band “The Bluegrass Compact Disc” (Rounder)
    • Muleskinner “Live” (Sierra)
  • Mister Man in the Moon
    • Becky Schlegel “This Lonesome Song” (no label)
  • Mr. Moon
    • Lost & Found “Sun’s Gonna Shine” (Rebel)
  • I Saw Your Face In the Moon
    • Mac Wiseman “24 Greatest Hits” (Tee Vee)
    • Danny Paisley & the Southern Grass “Road Into Town” (Patuxent)
  • Cajun Moon
    • Ricky Skaggs “Country Hits, Bluegrass Style” (Skaggs Family/Cracker Barrel)
  • Lonely Moon
    • Stuart Duncan “Stuart Duncan” (Rounder)
  • Super Moon
    • Molly Tuttle “Rise” (Compass)
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