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    • From Hampton, Virginia
    • Name is pronounced “You-liss-ee.”
    • Began singing at age 3 by wandering onstage with a bluegrass band at a family Bar-B-Q
    • Married to Rick Stanley, a cousin of Ralph and Carter. Ralph and the Clinch Mountain Boys performed at her wedding reception. Rick Stanley had his own band called Bad Ridge.
    • 1980, moved to Nashville and began working as a background session singer. Her first harmony session was on a Jerry Reed album.
    • 1991, signed by Atlantic Records. Released country album Trouble at the Door,
    • Appeared on CMT “Hot Country Nights,” “Nashville Now,” “Hee Haw.”
    • 2007, released her first bluegrass album When I Look Back (Hadley Music Group) featuring her original songs. Produced by Keith Sewell.
    • 2009, released Walk This Mountain Down album(Hadley Music Group). Produced by Keith Sewell
    • 2010, released gospel album Holy Waters (Hadley Music Group) featuring twelve original songs and one Carter Stanley song. Produced by Keith Sewell
    • 2011, released An Easy Climb album (Hadley Music Group) featuring her original songs. Produced by Keith Sewell.
    • 2012, released I Am A Child Of God album (Hadley Music Group).
    • 2013, released All The Way To Bethlehem album(Hadley Music Group), the story of Christmas in original songs.
    • 2013, released Showin’ My Roots album (Hadley Music Group).
    • 2014, authored a book about her songwriting career titled The Songwriter in Me:Snapshots of My Creative Process (published by Hadley Music Group).
    • 2015, released companion CD The Songwriter In Me:The Demo Recordings for her book (Hadley Music Group).
    • 2015, released Hard Cry Moonalbum (Hadley Music Group), produced by Bryan Sutton.
    • 2016, won the IBMA Award for Songwriter of the Year.
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