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  • From Annapolis, Maryland.
  • Born in 1987, he began his professional career playing guitar with Marty Raybon, Mike Auldridge, Emory Lester and others.
  • He studied jazz guitar performance and composition at Towson University.
  • 2004, joined Gary Ferguson to form a duo.
  • 2005, released first solo project No Place Better (Patuxent) at age 18.
  • 2007, released “Corbett, Chrisman and Tice” album (no label) with Wes Corbett (banjo) and Simon Chrisman (hammered dulciner).
  • 2009, released Long Story album (Patuxent) with Casey Driessen (fiddle), Noam Pikelny (banjo), Andy Hall (Dobro™), Mark MacGlshan (mandolin) and Mark Schatz (bass)
  • 2012, released Secret History album (Patuxent) as The Jordan Tice Trio with Simon Chrisman (hammered dulcimer) and Paul Kowert (bass).
  • 2014, released “You Got This” album (no label) as Hass, Kowert, Tice (with Brittany Haas and Paul Kowert).
  • 2016, released Horse Country album (Patuxent).
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