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  • Lives in Colorado. Has also lived in Corrales, New Mexico and Wichita, Kansas. Was born in Oklahoma.
  • Grew up playing rock guitar in several garage bands but picked up a banjo at age 19 and became obsessed with it.
  • 1989, won the National Bluegrass Banjo championship at Winfield, Kansas.
  • 1990, was a founding member of the Andy Owens Project.
  • 1996, was inducted into the Texas Tornadoes, an unofficial Texas music Hall of Fame.
  • 1999, formed Big Twang, a Wichita, Kansas group.
  • 2007, joined the Blue Canyon Boys, a Colorado-based band which won the Telluride Band Contest a year later.
  • 2009, moved to Colorado and formed his own band Colorado with his 13-year old son Tristin (mandolin). Other members include Greg Blake (guitar), Annie Savage (fiddle), KC Groves (bass).
  • 2013, released Western Branches album (no label) produced by Sally Van Meter.
  • 2016, released “Ramblin Feels Good” album (no label) produced by Bill VornDick.
  • 2019, released Over the Line album (Patuxent), produced by Mark Schatz (who also played bass on the album).
  • 2019, the group disbanded (except to play selected dates). Greg Blake (lead vocals, guitar) moved to Kansas City to form his own band Real Country. Tristan Scroggins (mandolin) moved to Nashville and is pursuing other musical opportunities.
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