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Needless to say, there are lots of bluegrass songs about MOM. Here are some good ones:

First, a couple of bluegrass albums featuring songs about MOM:

  • “Mother: Queen of My Heart”
    • Various Artists (Sugar Hill)
  • “Mama’s Hand”
    • Various Artists (Rounder)

Now, songs about MOM:

  • A Mother’s Hand
    • Frank Solivan II “I Am a Rambler” (no label)
  • A Mother’s Last Words to Her Daughter
    • Dry Branch Fire Squad “Just for the Record” (Rounder); also on Various Artists “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • A Mother’s Love
    • Phoenix “A Place Called Home” (Virginia Arts)
  • A Mother’s Prayer
    • Ralph Stanley “A Mother’s Prayer” (Rebel)
    • Shawn Lane “Mountain Songs” (Cat Town)
  • A Picture of Mother
    • NewFound Road “Life in a Song” (Rounder)
  • A Pretty Wreath for Mother’s Grave
    • Third Tyme Out “The Best Durn Ride” (CMG)
  • A Vision of Mother
    • Ricky Skaggs “Don’t Cheat in Our Hometown” (Epic)
    • America’s Bluegrass Band “America’s Favorite Hymns” (OBR)
  • Always Be Kind to Your Mother
    • Reno and Smiley (King)
    • The Louvin Brothers “Live at New River Ranch” (Copper Creek)
  • Angel Mother
    • The Crowe Brothers “Forty Years Old” (Mountain Fever)
  • Apron Strings
    • The Whites “A Lifetime in the Making” (Ceili)
  • Cactus in a Coffee Can
    • Melonie Cannon “And the Wheels Turn” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Coat of Many Colors
    • Dolly Parton “Live and Well” (Sugar Hill)
  • Dear Old Mother
    • Jim and Jesse “In the Tradition” (Rounder)
  • Diaper Song
    • Honi Deaton and Dream “Chasin’ Dreams” (Lamon Records)
  • Don’t Tell Mama (I Was Drinking)
    • The Grascals “Long List of Heartaches” (Rounder)
  • Don’t Throw Mama’s Flowers Away
    • Chris Stuart and Backcountry “Mojave River” (Backcountry)
    • Danny Paisley and the Southern Grass “The Room Over Mine” (Rounder)
  • Every Day is Mother’s Day
    • Larry Stephenson Band “Thankful” (Pinecastle)
  • Every Step of the Way
    • The Brombies “From the Piney Hills of Hollywood” (Adina)
  • Forty Years Old (And I’m Living in My Mom’s Garage)
    • The Austin Lounge Lizards “Never an Adult Moment” (Sugar Hill)
  • Give Mother My Crown
    • Flatt and Scruggs “1948-1959” (Bear Family)
    • Dave Evans “Hang Out a Light for Me” (Rebel)
    • Darren Nicholson “Things Left Undone” (Bearded Baby)
  • God Bless Her (Cause She is My Mother)
    • The Louvin Brothers “Live at New River Ranch” (Copper Creek)
    • The Crowe Brothers “The Gospel Way” (Copper Creek)
  • God Bless Mommy
    • Grasstowne “The Other Side of Towne” (Pinecastle)
  • Gonna Shake Hands with Mother Over There
    • The Crowe Brothers “The Gospel Way” (Copper Creek)
  • Have a Happy Mothers Day
    • Joe Isaacs “From a Cabin to a Mansion” (Little Cabin Records)
  • Hear Mother Pray
    • The New Tradition “Bluegrass Gospel at it’s Best” (Brentwood)
  • Hickory Switch
    • Jeff Brown & Still Lonesome “Blue Side of Me” (No Label)
  • How I Miss You, Mother
    • Larry Sparks “The Testing Times” (Rebel)
  • Hymns My Mother Sang
    • Bill Harrell “Bluegrass Gospel; Pure and Simple” (Leather)
  • I Haven’t Seen Mother in Years
    • Mac Wiseman (Dot)
  • I Heard My Mother Call My Name in Prayer
    • Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder “Live at the Charleston Music Hall” (Skaggs Family)
    • Tommy Brown and the County Line Grass “Mountain Bluegrass” (Hay Holler)
  • I Heard My Mother Weeping
    • Longview “Lessons in Stone” (Rebel)
  • I Know Whose Tears
    • The Gibson Brothers “Ring the Bell” (Compass)
  • I.O.U.
    • The Farm Hands “Good Things” (Pinecastle)
  • I Saw Mother with God
    • Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs “When the Saints Go Marching In” (ACS)
  • I Thought She’d Never Leave
    • The New Tradition “Stand and Be Counted” (Mountain Home)
  • I Was Dreaming of a Little Cabin
    • Seldom Scene “Baptizin'” (Rebel)
    • Traver Hollow “By Request” (THP)
  • If I Could Crown You, Mother
    • Ralph Stanley “Child of the King” (Rebel)
  • If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again
    • Bill Anderson “Whisperin’ Bluegrass” (Madacy)
  • If I’d Had a Mother Like You
    • Don Rigsby “Empty Old Mailbox” (Sugar Hill); also on Various Artists “Mother the Queen of My Heart” (Sugar Hill)
  • I’m Never Going Home (‘Cause Mother’s Waiting)
    • Paul Shelasky “Fiddle Crazy” (Lost Highway Records)
  • Jesus Has a Mother Too
    • Summer Villa “Home in the Heart” (Reception Records)
  • Jesus, My Mother and Me
    • The Churchmen “I’ll Be Long Gone” (Pinecastle)
  • Like My Mother Does
    • Southern Raised “Another World” (StowTown)
  • Mama
    • Lou Reid and Carolina “Sounds Like Heaven to Me” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Mama Don’t Allow …
    • For a fun version of this, try The Austin Lounge Lizards “Employee of the Month” (Sugar Hill)
    • Lubos Malina (with Druha Trava) “All You Can Eat” (VenKow)
    • Doc Watson on Various Artists “Mother the Queen of My Heart” (Sugar Hill)
  • Mama Don’t Forget to Pray for Me
    • Larry Cordle (with Diamond Rio’s Marty Roe) “All Star Duets” (Mightycord Records)
    • Jeff Scroggins and Colorado “Western Branches” (no label)
  • Mama Prayed for Me
    • Curtis Wright “Curtis Wright” (Voxhall)
  • Mama Raised Me Right
    • Troy Engle “Southern Skies” (no label)
  • Mama’s Crown
    • Big Country Bluegrass “My Old Virginia Home” (Hay Holler)
  • Mama’s Flowers
    • Rambler’s Choice “Sounds of the Mountains” (Rounder); also on Various Artists “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • Mama’s Hand
    • The Lynn Morris Band “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
    • Hazel Dickens “A Few Old Memories” (Rounder); also on Various Artists “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • Mama’s Hungry Eyes
    • Merle Haggard “The Bluegrass Sessions” (McCoury Music)
  • Mama’s Midnight Altar Calls
    • Josh Slone and Coal Town (Rural Rhythm)
  • Mama’s Opry
    • The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band w/ Iris Dement “Will the Circle be Unbroken, Vol III” (Capitol)
  • Mama’s Rocking Chair
    • Linda Barker and Appalachian Trail (Heartland)
    • The Whites “Ain’t No Binds” (MCA)
    • Southern Rail “Glory Train” (Pinecastle)
  • Mama’s Roses (Marshall Warwick)
    • The Spinney Brothers “No Borders” (Mountain Fever)
  • Mama’s Roses (Raymond C. Davis Jr.)
    • Valerie Smith “Turtle Wings” (Rebel)
  • Mama’s Song
    • Randy Waller and the Country Gentlemen “One Mile East of Hazel Green” (Lendel)
  • Mama’s Songs
    • Larry Sparks “The Rock I Stand On” (Rebel)
  • Mama Tried
    • The Reno Brothers “Acoustic Celebration” (Webco)
    • The Seldom Scene “Scenechronized” (Sugar Hill)
  • Mama, What Does Heaven Look Like?
    • The Circuit Riders “Let the Ride Begin” (Pinecastle)
  • Meadow on the Mountain
    • David Parmley and Continental Divide “Three Silver Dollars” (Pinecastle)
  • Medals for Mothers
    • The Osborne Brothers “Singing, Shouting Praises” (Sugar Hill); also The Osborne Brothers “1968-1974, Volume 1)
    • Third Tyme Out “Back to the MAC” (Rounder)
    • Rhonda Vincent on Various Artists “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • Memories of Mother
    • The Stanley Brothers “1953-1959” (Bear Family)
    • Ralph Stanley “Classic Stanley” (Freeland)
    • Ralph Stanley II and John Rigsby “Clinch Mountain Echoes” (Copper Creek)
    • Ralph Stanley & Claire Lynch “Clinch Mountain Country” (Rebel)
    • James King “Life Goes On” featuring various artists (Rural Rhythm)
  • Momma
    • Larry Sparks “Almost Home” (Rebel)
  • Momma Cried
    • Alison Krauss and Union Station “New Favorite” (Rounder); also on Various Artists “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • Momma’s Apron Strings
    • Larry Sparks “Almost Home” (Rebel)
  • Momma’s Prayer Beads
    • Various Artists “Look to the Light: Songs of Rick Lang”
  • Momma’s Prayers
    • Merle Haggard “The Bluegrass Sessions” (McCoury Music)
  • Momma Prayed
    • Greenbriar “The Back of the Book” (no label)
  • Mom of Constant Sorrow
    • Sue Fabisch “Wal-Mart Woman” (Safe and Sound) Also on Prime Cuts #65
  • Moms are the Reason Wild Flowers Grow
    • Ralph Stanley II (This One is II)
  • Mom’s Old Picture Book
    • Lou Reid “When It Rains” (Sugar Hill)
  • Mother’s Footsteps Guide Me On
    • The Stanley Brothers “The Early Years 1958-1963, Volume 4” (Starday/King)
  • Mother I’m Sorry
    • America’s Bluegrass Band “America’s Favorite Hymns” (OBR)
  • Mother Knows Best
    • Marty Robbins “Good ‘n’ Country” (MCA)
    • Jesse Brock “Kickin’ Grass” (Pinecastle)
  • Mother Left Me Her Bible
    • The Stanley Brothers “The Early Years 1958-1963, Volume 2” (Starday/King)
  • Mother No Longer Awaits Me at Home
    • The Stanley Brothers “The Early Years 1958-1961, Volume 3” (Starday/King)
    • Ralph Stanley II and John Rigsby “Clinch Mountain Echoes” (Copper Creek)
  • Mother of a Miner’s Child
    • The Country Gentlemen “Souvenirs” (Rebel)
  • Mother Prays Loud in Her Sleep
    • Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs “Sacred Songs” (Harmony)
    • The Earls of Leicester “Rattle & Roar” (Rounder)
  • Mother’s Footsteps Guide Me On
    • The Stanley Brothers (King)
  • Mother’s Hand
    • Darrell Webb “Behind the Scenes” (Lonesome Day)
  • Mother’s Not Dead (She’s Only Sleeping)
    • Bill Monroe “Columbia Historic Edition” (Columbia) or 1970-1979, Vol. 1 (Bear Family)
    • Ricky Skaggs “History of the Future” (Skaggs Family) and “Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass” (Skaggs Family)
  • Mother’s Prayers Were Not In Vain
    • The Blue Grass Review “Down in Caroline” (MasterShield) Also on Prime Cuts Vol. 70.
  • Mother’s Songs
    • Joe Ross “The Spirit of St. Louis” (Zephyr)
  • Mother’s Tender Love
    • Johnny and Jeanette Williams (Major Bluegrass/Trax. Vol. 2)
  • Mother’s Voice is In the Wind
    • The Johnson Mountain Boys “The Walls of Time” (Rounder)
  • Mother the Queen of My Heart
    • Lonesome Standard Time “Lonesome As It Gets” (Sugar Hill)
    • Jim Watson “Don’t Tell Me I Don’t Know” (Barker Records)
  • My Dear Mother’s Waltz
    • Buddy Merriam and Backroads “Back Roads Mandolin” (no label)
  • My Memories Aren’t Precious Anymore
    • The Traditional Grass “Howdy Neighbor Howdy” (Rebel)
  • My Mother’s Bible
    • Don Reno and Red Smiley “16 Greatest Gospel Hits” (Gusto/King)
    • The Crowe Brothers “The Gospel Way” (Copper Creek)
    • The Goins Brothers “Run Satan Run” (Hay Holler)
  • My Tennessee Mountain Home
    • Dolly Parton “Live and Well” (Sugar Hill) Intro is about her mother.
  • One More Me (The Cloning Song)
    • Barry and Holly Tashian “At Home” (Copper Creek)
  • Please Dear Mommy
    • Dan Tyminski “Carry Me Across the Mountain” (Doobie Shea)
  • Remembrances of Mother
    • Chris Warner “Goin’ to the Dance” (Patuxent)
  • Shake Hands with Mother Again
    • Jimmy Martin “Singin’ All Day and Dinner on the Ground” (Decca)
    • Laurel Canyon Ramblers “Blue Rambler 2” (Sugar Hill)
  • Shake My Mother’s Hand for Me
    • The Whitstein Brothers on Various Artists “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • She Put the Music in Me
    • Larry Stephenson “Close My Eyes to Heaven” (Webco)
  • She’s My Angel (a mother singing about her daughter)
    • The Dixie Bee-Liners “Ripe” (Pinecastle)
  • Stray Dogs and Alley Cats
    • Lonesome River Band “Chronology, Vol. 3” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Sunday Clothes
    • Randy Kohrs “Quicksand” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Thank God for a Mama
    • The Lonesome River Band “One Step Forward” (Sugar Hill)
  • Thank You, Mom
    • Ralph Stanley “Let Me Rest on a Peaceful Valley” (Rebel)
  • The Beautiful Altar of Prayer
    • Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver “There’s a Light Guiding Me” (Sugar Hill)
  • The Hand that Rocks the Cradle
    • Gary Ferguson “I’m Really Leaving” (Webco)
  • The Mother of Bluegrass
    • Charlie Louvin “Bluegrass Style” (Niptune)
  • The Rocking Chair
    • Dale Ann Bradley “Cumberland River Dreams” (Pinecastle)
    • Joe Mullins and the Radio Ramblers “Ramblers Blues” (Rebel)
  • The Sweetest Gift (a Mother’s Smile)
    • The Seldom Scene (with Emmylou Harris and Linda Rondstadt) “15th Anniversary: Live at the Kennedy Center” (Sugar Hill)
    • Hazel Dickens and Alice Gerrard on Various Artists “Mama’s Hand” (Rounder)
  • These Old Pictures
    • James King “These Old Pictures” (Rounder)
  • Use a Napkin, Not Your Mom
    • Kathy Kallick “Use a Napkin Not Your Mom” (Sugar Hill)
  • Wearing Her Knees Out Over Me
    • Brandon Rickman “Young Man Old Soul” (Rural Rhythm)
  • We’d Always Ask Mama to Pray
    • Ralph Stanley and Joe Isaacs “A Gospel Gathering” (Freeland)
  • When Mama Prayed
    • LeRoy Mack “Stories” (no label)
  • When Momma Played the Fiddle
    • Appalachian Drive (Prime Cuts, Volume 17)
  • When I Meet Mother in Heaven
    • Bobby Osborne “Memories” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Will I Be Good Enough?
    • Dale Ann Bradley “Don’t Turn Your Back” (Compass)
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