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  • From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
  • His first band: the Pike County Boys (1948). He played mandolin.
  • His real name: William (Bill) Colleran. The Pike County Boys had three Bills in it, so he adopted the stage name of Mac Martin and the name stuck with him throughout his career.
  • Day job: he was an accountant.
  • 1954, formed his own band The Dixie Travelers with Mike Carson (fiddle) and Billy Bryant (banjo). Bryant died in 1994. They were regulars at a Pittsburgh club called Walsh’s Lounge (19 years).
  • 1972, retired from the band. Mandolinist (and bluegrass historian) Bob Artis led the Dixie Travelers until Martin returned in 1977.
  • 1998, released Buzz Matheson & Mac Martin: Echoes of the Past album (White Oak).
  • 2001, released A Dark Starless Night album, a collection of vintage recordings (White Oak).
  • 2004, released Travelin’ On album (Copper Creek).
  • 2005, released Venango album (Copper Creek).
  • 2015, released Goin’ Down the Country album (Rural Rhythm).
  • 2015, retired from performing at age 90. Played last concert with his Dixie Travelers on September 17, designated by the mayor of the city as “Mac Martin Day” in Pittsburgh.
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