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    • From Trinity, North Carolina.
    • A singer/songwriter who began performing as a youngster at her church, Webster Baptist. She became the church pianist.
    • 1999, made her first performance as a singer (in church.)
    • Has written more than 500 songs. Among them: “My Poor Old Heart” (recorded by Alison Krauss on her Grammy-winning “Lonely Runs Both Ways” album) and “Sad Old Train” (recorded by the Seldom Scene on their “Synchronized” album.)
    • 2000-2002, sang with two bands: Wildwood and Different Directions, both in North Carolina.
    • She is also a real estate broker and a gymnastics coach (she has coached several state and national champions).
    • 2001, recorded first album “Somewhere in Time” (Running Dog Records).
    • 2003, recorded second album “Same Old Me” (Running Dog Records)
    • 2006, released “Gaining Wisdom” album, produced by Tony Rice (Rounder).
    • 2010, released “Hellos, Goodbyes and Butterflies” album, produced by J.D. Crowe (Rounder).
    • 2014, released “From the Heart,” album on Running Dog Records. Also released “Fly” album (featuring Donna on piano).
    • 2014, released four videos on YouTube: The Red Oak Tree, Walmart Checkout Line, The Facebook Song, and Dog On A 10 Foot Chain.
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