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Here are some songs to celebrate someone’s birthday:

  • Be Proud of the Gray in Your Hair
    • Dave Evans “Goin’ Round This World” (Rebel)
    • Scott Anderson “Tales from the Swamp” (no label)
  • Happy Birthday to You
    • Bill Monroe “Live” (Copper Creek). On this CD, Bill sings Happy Birthday to someone in the crowd named Becky … but you could edit this and use the last line with applause as a cool bumper after a happy birthday wish.
  • Forever Young
    • Fragment “One of these Days” (no label)
  • Next Sunday Darlin’ Is My Birthday
    • The Stanley Brothers “The Early Years 1958-1961” Disc 2 (Starday/King)
    • The Cumberland Highlanders “Cumberland Mountain Home” (Black Mountain) Also on Prime Cuts Vol 53
    • The Blinky Moon Boys “Moonlight Theatre@ (Hay Holler)
    • Also recorded by Jim Eanes, Hank Willams, The Gillis Brothers, others.
  • My Yesterday’s Look Better Every Day
    • The Gibson Brothers “Another Night of Waiting” (Hay Holler)
  • Never Too Old
    • Damian Muller “You’ve Still Got It” (Thornrose Music)
  • Old and Gray
    • Hickory Hill “The First Fifteen Years” (Turquoise)
  • The Big Five-0
    • DooDoo Wah “For Amusement Only” (no label)
  • Time (You’re No Friend to Me)
    • Lou Reid and Carolina “Time” (Rebel)
  • Too Old to Cut the Mustard
    • The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band “Barnyard Frolic” (RME)
  • When I’m Sixty-four
    • David Grisman-John Hartford-Mike Seeger “Retrograss” (Acoustic Disc)
  • Where We’ll Never Grow Old
    • The McPeak Brothers “Pathway to Heaven” (Copper Creek)
    • New Tradition “Cradle, Cross, Crown” (Mountain Home)
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