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Some Really Spooky Songs for a BOOGRASS Show!

  • The Ballad of Maudie Dawson
    • Longview “High Lonesome” (Rounder)
  • The Ballad of Sarah Malone
    • David Davis and the Warrior River Boys “Troubled Times” (Rebel)
  • Between Midnight and the Dawn
    • Steep Canyon Rangers “Nobody Knows You” (Rounder)
  • The Biggest Whatever (that Anybody Ever Saw)
    • The Dillards “Wheatstraw Suite” (Elektra)
  • Blackadder’s Cove
    • NewFound Road “Live at the Down Home” (Rounder)
  • Black Cat
    • Mitch Harrell “Oh Heart” (SoLong Records) Also on Prime Cuts, Volume 72
  • Bringing Mary Home
    • The Country Gentlemen (Vanguard)
    • Mac Wiseman (Dot)
  • Brown Mountain Light
    • The Hillmen (Sugar Hill)
    • Charlie Moore “Brown Mountain Light” (Rebel)
    • Tony Rice “Plays and Sings Bluegrass” (Rounder)
  • Burying Ground
    • Kathy Kallick “Call Me a Taxi” (Sugar Hill)
  • Caleb Meyer
    • The Greencards “Movin’ On” (no label)
    • Amanda Cook “Deep Water” (Mountain Fever)
  • Clinch Mountain Mystery
    • Larry Stephenson “Clinch Mountain Mystery” (Pinecastle)
  • Cold Icy Fingers
    • Lost and Found “It’s About Time” (Rebel)
  • Daddy Was a Moonshine Man
    • Don Rigsgy “Hillbilly Heartache” (Rebel)
  • Dancin’ with the Johnson Boys
    • Si Kahn “Been a Long Time” (Sliced Bread) About dancing with skeletons, has sound effects.
  • Deal with the Devil
    • Peter Rowan “All on a Rising Day” (Sugar Hill)
  • Death Came Creeping in My Room
    • The VW Boys “Retrospective” (Mountain Roads)
  • Demons
    • The Grascals “Before Breakfast” (Mountain Home)
  • Devil in Disguise
    • J. D. Crowe and the New South (Gusto)
    • The Bluegrass Album Band “California Connection” (Rounder)
  • Devil’s Courthouse
    • Mountain Heart “Road that Never Ends: the Live Album” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Devil’s Den
    • Carrie Hassler and Hard Rain “CHHR2” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Devil’s Dream
    • Bill Monroe “Bluegrass Instrumentals” (Decca/Bear Family)
    • Alan Munde “Festival Favorites Revisited” (Rounder)
  • Devil’s Road
    • Grasstowne “The Road Headin’ Home” (Pinecastle)
  • Didn’t Die
    • Becky Buller “Tween Earth and Sky” (Dark Shadow)
  • Down in the Cold Ground
    • Mark Newton Band “Charlie Lawson’s Still” (Rebel)
  • Eli Renfro (Ghost of Eli Renfro)
    • Del McCoury “Classic Bluegrass” (Rebel)
    • Nashville Bluegrass Band (Sugar Hill)
  • Footsteps So Near
    • Hot Rize “Traditional Ties” or “Untold Stories” (Sugar Hill)
  • Friend of the Devil
    • Knoxville Grass “Painted Lady” (Leather)
    • Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley “The Country Blues” (Compass)
  • Frost on the Pumpkin
    • Kenny Baker “Frost on the Pumpkin” (County)
  • Ghost Bound Train
    • Dale Ann Bradley “Don’ Turn Your Back” (Compass)
  • Ghost Dance
    • John Hickman “Don’t Mean Maybe” (Rounder)
  • Ghost in this House
    • Alison Krauss “Forget About It” (Rounder)
    • Marty Raybon “Full Circle” (Doobie Shea)
  • Ghost of a Love
    • Lonnie Hoppers and New Union “Grass Hoppin’“ (also on Prime Cuts, Vol. 45)
  • Ghost of Noah Hayes
    • Rick Pardue and Timmy Massey “The Ghost of Noah Hayes” (Lizard Records)
  • Ghost Riders
    • Heights of Grass “Ghost Riders” (Outlet)
    • Alan Munde and Sam Bush “Poor Richard’s Almanac” (Ridgerunner)
  • Ghosts in My Heart
    • The Kickin’ Grass Band “Walk With Me” (Superfan Records)
  • Ghost Stories
    • Lost Highway “Bluegrass The Way You Like It” (Hay Holler)
  • Ghosts of Mississippi
    • The SteelDrivers “Reckless” (Rounder)
  • Grave in the Valley
    • Jim and Jesse (Epic/Bear Family)
  • Gravestone
    • New Vintage “No Time for the Blues” (Pinecastle)
  • Grey Ghost
    • The Deer Creek Boys “What Goes Up” (Mountain Fever)
  • Haunted by a Memory
    • Sam Hill “Haunted by a Memory” (New Timey Music)
  • Haunted by the Wind
    • Billy Droze “To Whom It May Concern” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Haunting Me
    • Troy Engle “Southern Skies” (Rocky Glen Music)
  • He Had a Long Chain On
    • Tim O’Brien “Oh Boy! Oh Boy!” (Sugar Hill)
  • He’s All Around Us
    • Blue Moon Rising (Rural Rhythm)
  • Hillbillies in a Haunted House
    • Austin Lounge Lizards “Never an Adult Moment” (Sugar Hill)
  • In the Pines
    • Bill Monroe “In the Pines” (Decca/Bear Family)
  • It’s Just the Night
    • Del McCoury Band “It’s Just the Night” (McCoury Music)
  • Legend of the Ghost Coon
    • The Johnny Staats Project “Wires and Wood” (Giant)
  • Legend of Grace Sherwood
    • East Virginia “East Virginia: The Early Years” (Major)
  • Long Black Veil
    • Ken Orrick “Pictures and Stories” (Hay Holler)
    • The Seldom Scene “Scenic Roots” (Sugar Hill)
    • Bill Monroe “1959-1969, Vol. 3″ (Bear Family)
  • Mountain Angel
    • Dolly Parton “Little Sparrow” (Sugar Hill)
  • O Death
    • Ralph Stanley from “O Brother Where Art Thou” soundtrack (Mercury)
  • Old Devil’s Dream
    • The Nashville Bluegrass Band (Rounder)
  • Old Time Angels
    • Jim Lauderdale “Old Time Angels” (Sky Crunch Music)
  • Old Tom’s Restless Bones
    • Sally Love and Gary Ferguson “Our Old Home” (Eureka)
  • Poison Cove
    • Russell Moore and IIIrd Tyme Out (Break a String)
  • Polly Vaughn
    • The Dillards “Live…Almost” (Electra/Vanguard)
  • Pretty Polly
    • Ralph Stanley and Friends “Clinch Mountain Country” (Rebel)
    • The Dillards “Live … Almost” (Electra/Vanguard)
  • Rattle Them Bones
    • Swift Creek “Magnolia” (Vital)
  • Run Satan Run
    • The Goins Brothers “Run Satan Run” (Hay Holler)
  • Running with the Devil
    • John Cowan on “Strummin’ with the Devil:The Southern Side of Van Halen” (CMH)
  • Sam Jocelyn’s Ghost
    • ETSU Bluegrass Pride Band (Now and Then)
  • Sasquatch
    • California “Traveler” (Sugar Hill)
  • Satan’s Chains
    • Ralph Stanley and Joe Isaacs “A Gospel Gathering” (Freeland)
  • Satan’s Ridge
    • Volume Five “Voices” (Mountain Fever)
  • Shadows in My Room
    • Hot Rize “Untold Stories” (Sugar Hill)
  • Shallow Grave
    • The Steeldrivers “Hammer Down” (Rounder)
    • Randy Kohrs “Old Photograph” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Simpson’s Holler
    • Valerie Smith “Turtle Wings” (Bell Buckle)
  • Speaking of the Devil
    • The Church Sisters “Virginia is for Lovers” (Creekside)
  • Simon Crutchfield’s Grave
    • The Rarely Herd “Midnight Loneliness” (Pinecastle)
    • The McPeak Brothers (County)
  • Simpson’s Holler
    • Valerie Smith “Turtle Wings” (Rebel/Bell Buckle)
  • Slime Rock
    • Chris Thile “Leading Off” (Sugar Hill)
  • Something Going On in the Graveyard (a gospel song, but the title sure sounds spooky).
    • Larry Sparks “I Don’t Regret a Mile” (Sparks Music)
  • Spirits in the Hills
    • Wilson Banjo Co. “Spirits in the Hills” (Bonfire)
  • The Cremation of Sam McGee
    • The Deer Creek Boys “What Goes Up” (Mountain Fever)
  • The Devil Played the Fiddle
    • Dan Crary “Sweet Southern Girl” (Sugar Hill)
  • The Devil’s Tramping Ground
    • Russell Johnson “A Picture from the Past” (New Times)
  • The Ghost of Cecil Martin
    • Audie Blaylock and Redline “Originalist” (615 Hideaway)
  • The Ghost of Jack McCline
    • Randy Kohrs “Quicksand” (Rural Rhythm)
  • The Ghost of Jim Bob Wilson
    • Wildfire “Rented Room on Broadway” (Pinecastle)
  • The Ghost Train
    • James Alan Shelton “Guitar Tracks” (Copper Creek)
  • The Ghosts of the Ridge
    • Jim Lauderdale “Could We Get Any Closer” (Sky Crunch)
  • The Lantern
    • Front Range “Ramblin’ On My Mind” (Sugar Hill)
    • Baucom, Bibey, Graham and Haley (Rebel)
  • The Little Grave
    • The Country Gentlemen “Remembrances and Forecasts” (Vanguard)
  • The Silver Ghost
    • David Parmley “Southern Heritage” (Rebel)
  • Tombstone Blues
    • Tim O’Brien “Red on Blonde” (Sugar Hill)
  • Tombstone Junction (instrumental)
    • Ashby Frank “First Crossing” (Blue Road)
  • Voodoo Doll
    • Balsam Range “Mountain Voodoo” (Mountain Home)
  • Who’s That Knockin’ at My Door
    • The Dreadful Snakes (Rounder)
  • Widow Janie
    • The Fox Family “Follow My Lead” (Sierra)
    • The Hazel River Band “In the Main Stream” (Hay Holler Harvest)
  • Witches of Harlan
    • Breaking Glass “Running with the Moon” (no label)
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