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Here are some bluegrass songs about the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

  • At Calvary
    • The Tennessee Gentlemen “Sunday Morning” (TGR)
  • All in the Hands of Jesus
    • Marty Raybon “Full Circle” (Doobie Shea)
  • Barabbas
    • Patent Pending “A Child of God” (Copper Creek)
    • Greenbriar “The Back of the Book” (no label)
  • Blood Stains on the Cross
    • Larry Sparks “New Highway” (Mountain Home)
  • By His Stripes
    • The Isaacs “Live in Atlanta” (Morning Star)
  • By the Mark
    • Dailey & Vincent “Dailey & Vincent” (Rounder)
    • Red Molly “Light in the Sky” (no label)
  • Cry from the Cross
    • Big Country Bluegrass “My Old Virginia Home” (Hay Holler)
    • Copperline “It’s a Long Long Way” (HR)
    • The Stanley Brothers “1953-58 & 1959” (Bear Family)
    • The Reasonable Band “Better Time’s A-Comin'” (Hard Times)
    • The Isaacs “Take Me Home” (Horizon)
    • The Stanley Gospel Tradition (Doobie Shea)
    • Joe Hott “West Virginia Rail” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Crucified By Me
    • New Tradition “Cradle, Cross, Crown” (Mountain Home)
  • Darkest Day
    • Heidi & Ryan “Heidi & Ryan” (Mountain Fever)
  • Darkness Wept
    • Lonesome River Band “No Turning Back” (Rural Rhythm)
  • The Dream
    • Randy Waller and the Country Gentlemen “One Mile East of Hazel Green” (Lendel)
  • Drive Another Nail
    • Marty Raybon and Full Circle “The Gospel in Black and White” (Synchoro Records)
  • Driving Nails
    • The Forbes Family “I’ll Look to Him” (Rebel)
    • The Rarely Herd “Midnight Loneliness” (Pinecastle)
    • Darin Aldridge “Call It a Day” (Pinecastle)
    • Wildfire “Rented Room on Broadway” (Pinecastle)
    • Mike Scott “Take Me Lord and Use Me” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Every Scar
    • Darin and Brooke Aldridge “So Much In Between” (Mountain Home)
  • Foot of the Cross
    • Tim Flannery “Kentucky Towns” (PSB)
  • Friday, Sunday’s Coming
    • Tim O’Brien “Where the River Meets the Road” (Howdy Skies)
  • Each Ring of the Hammer
    • Mac Wiseman “15 Gospel Favorites” (Music Mill)
  • He Will Forgive You
    • Reno and Smiley “1951-1959” (King)
  • His Name Was Judas
    • Larry Sparks “I Just Want to Thank You Lord” (Rural Rhythm)
  • How Can We Thank Him for What He Has Done
    • Ralph Stanley and Diamond Rio “Clinch Mountain Country” (Rebel)
  • I Carried My Cross
    • New Tradition “Cradle, Cross, Crown” (Mountain Home)
  • I Dreamed I Drove the Nails
    • Continental Divide “Feel Good Day” (Pinecastle)
    • Crosspoint “We’re Gonna Rise” (Rural Rhythm)
  • I Stand Amazed
    • Tim Shelton “I Stand Amazed” (Legend)
  • If That Isn’t Love
    • The Tennessee Gentlemen “Headin’ West” (Bluegrass Shack)
  • It is Finished
    • Paul Brewster “Everybody’s Talking” (Ceili)
  • It Took Your Blood to Set Me Free
    • Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver “Only God” (SSK)
  • It Was His Love
    • Dale Ann Bradley “Send the Angels” (Mountain Home)
  • In the Hands of a Carpenter
    • Jerry Salley “All God’s Children Sing” (Very Jerry)
  • Just as the Sun Went Down
    • James King “Bluegrass Storyteller” (Rounder)
    • Rich in Tradition “One Beautiful Morning” (Rich in Tradition)
  • King of the Jews
    • Alvin Breeden & the Virginia Cut Ups “Papa” (Major Bluegrass/Trax, Vol. 2)
  • Love is a Cross and Three Nails
    • Shannon Slaughter “Never Standing Still” (Elite Circuit)
  • Man in the Middle (Three Men on a Mountain)
    • Tony Trischka and Skyline “Stranded in the Moonlight” (Flying Fish); also on “Ticket Back: a Retrospective” (Flying Fish/Rounder)
    • The Hotmud Family “Live, As We Know It” (Flying Fish)
    • Hot Rize “Radio Boogie” (Flying Fish)
    • Bill Grant and Delia Belle “Bill Grant and Delia Belle” (Rebel)
    • The New Tradition “Seed of Love” (Brentwood)
    • Valerie Smith “Patchwork Heart” (Bell Buckle)
    • Dave Evans “Hang Out a Light for Me” (Rebel)
    • David Grindstaff “Here and Now” (Mountain Fever)
  • Mary Magdalene (Why You Cryin’)
    • Melonie Cannon “And the Wheels Turn” (Rural Rhythm)
  • Move On
    • The Laurel Canyon Ramblers “Back on the Street Again” (Sugar Hill)
  • Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone?
    • Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver “Heaven’s Joy Awaits” (Sugar Hill)
  • Nailed to the Cross
    • Clay Hess “Red Haired Boy” (Legend)
  • Old Rugged Cross
    • The New Tradition “Bluegrass Gospel at its Finest” (Brentwood)
    • Larry Sparks (instrumental) “The Rock I Stand On” (Rebel)
  • On the Right Side
    • Flatt Lonesome “Flatt Lonesome” (Pisgah Ridge)
  • Outside the Gate
    • The Forbes Family “Outside the Gate” (Rebel)
  • Potter’s Field (Instrumental. The title is the name of the place where Judas hanged himself)
    • Butch Robins “Fragments of My Imagicnation” (Rounder)
  • Purple Robe
    • The Stanley Brothers “The Early Years 1958-1961, Volume 2” (Starday/King)
    • Ralph Stanley “Let Me Rest” (Rebel)
    • The Lewis Family “Best of…” (Starday)
    • Ralph Stanley and Joe Isaacs “A Gospel Gathering” (Freeland)
    • The Stanley Gospel Tradition (Doobie Shea)
  • Remember Me
    • John Bowman “Remember Me” (Mountain Home)
  • Remember the Cross
    • Ricky Skaggs “Soldier of the Cross” (Skaggs Family)
    • Ricky Skaggs “Honoring the Fathers of Bluegrass” (Skaggs Family)
    • Jamie Harper “Old Pal” (Mountain Fever)
  • She Cries
    • The Isaacs “Increase My Faith” (Horizon)
  • Still Driving Nails in the Hands of the Savior
    • Jeff Parker “Two Roads to Travel” (Lonesome Day)
  • That Awful Day
    • Larry Sparks “Gonna Be Movin'” (Rebel)
  • The Cross on the Right
    • Jerry Salley “Gospel From My Grassroots” (Very Jerry)
  • The Day Love Was Nailed to the Tree
    • Cody Shuler “Cody Shuler” (Rural Rhythm)
  • The Dream
    • Third Tyme Out “Singing on Streets of Gold” (Chateau Music Group)
  • The Last Thing on His Mind
    • Darin and Brooke Aldridge (Mountain Home)
  • The Legend of the Dogwood Tree
    • Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper “Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill” (Power Pak/Gusto)
  • The Roman Soldier
    • The Spinney Brothers “Memories” (Mountain Fever)
  • The Scars in His Hands
    • Mountain Heart “The Journey” (Doobie Shea)
  • They Whipped Him Up the Hill
    • New Road “The Message” (New Road)
  • Thirty Pieces of Silver
    • Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper “Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill” (Power Pak/Gusto)
    • Adam Steffey “Grateful” (Mountain Home)
  • Three Rusty Nails
    • Ronnie Bowman “The Man I’m Tryin’ to Be” (Sugar Hill)
  • Tougher Than the Nails
    • Clay Hess (single/Pinecastle)
  • Trail of Tears
    • Darin Aldridge and Brooke Justice “I’ll Go With You” (Pinecastle)
  • Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill
    • Wilma Lee and Stoney Cooper “Walking My Lord Up Calvary’s Hill” (Power Pak/Gusto)
    • Debbie Lee “Jesus Rock My Baby” (Two Rivers Trade Company)
    • Rhonda Vincent “One Step Ahead” (Rounder)
  • Were You There (When they Crucified My Lord)
    • Seldom Scene “Baptizing” (Rebel)
    • Front Range “One Beautiful Day” (Sugar Hill)
    • Bill Monroe “1959-1969” (Bear Family)
    • John R. Bowman “Footprints of Faith” (Horizon)
    • Ricky Skaggs “Soldier of the Cross” (Skaggs Family)
  • What Will You Do with This Man?
    • Parmley, Vestal and Continental Divide (Pinecastle)
  • Your Last Mile
    • Jeannette Williams “Cherry Blossoms in the Springtime” (Doobie Shea)
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