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  • From Portsmouth, Ohio. Lives in Olive Hill, Kentucky.
  • His given name is actually William, but he became known as “Dave.”
  • One of the few banjo-picking lead singers in bluegrass music.
  • First pro job: with Earl Taylor and the Stoney Mountain Boys (in Yakima Washington).
  • 1972, joined Larry Sparks and the Lonesome Ramblers.
  • 1975-1978, worked with Lillimae and the Dixie Gospelaires, Red Allen and the Kentuckians, the Boys from Indiana.
  • 1978, formed his own group River Bend.
  • 1979, released “Highway 52” album (Vetco).
  • 1980, released “Call Me Long Gone” album (Vetco).
  • 1981, released “Goin’ Round This World” album (Rebel).
  • 1982, released “A Few More Seasons” album (Rebel).
  • 1983, released “Poor Rambler” album (Rebel).
  • 1984, released “Bluegrass Memories” album (Rebel).
  • 1985, released “Close to Home” album (Rebel).
  • 1989, his career suffered a setback when he was sentenced to serve ten years in a federal penitentiary on a felonious assault charge. He served six years and was released in 1995.
  • While in prison, he learned to play guitar.
  • 1996, began performing and recording again.
  • 1997, released Just Look at Me Now album (Rebel).
  • 2000, released Bad Moon Shining album (Rebel).
  • 2002, released Hang a Light Out for Me album (Rebel).
  • 2003, released High Waters album (Rebel).
  • 2006, released Pretty Green Hills album (Rebel).
  • 2008, released The Best of the Vetco Years album (Rebel).
  • 2011, underwent a quintuple bypass surgery on his heart. Reports are that he died (flatlined) on the table but survived the operation.
  • 2011, production began on a movie about his life titled “Last of the Breed: The Dave Evans Story.”
  • 2017, died at the age of 66.
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