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  • From Salem, Missouri. Lived in Los Angeles and Nashville during most of his career.
  • An influential banjo player who was an original member of the Dillards (1962-1968)
  • Before becoming a professional musician, he was an accountant.
  • Played the part of “Jebbin Darling” on the Andy Griffith TV show.
  • 1968-1970, worked with former Byrd Gene Clark in the Dillard and Clark Expedition.
  • 1971, went solo, recorded several solo albums (including The Banjo Album) and landed a job as a regular on the NBC series “Music Country U.S.A” which aired for two years (1972-1973).
  • Studio credits include work with Arlo Guthrie, the Monkees, the Beach Boys, Glen Campbell.
  • Appeared in the movie “Popeye” starring Robin Williams. While filming that picture, he fell from a cliff and suffered serious injuries which came very close to ending his life, not to mention his career as a musician
  • 1979, formed the Doug Dillard band. Members have included Byron Berline, Ginger Boatwright, Kathy Chiavola, David Grier and other musicians.
  • 1992, made a cameo appearance in Tanya Tucker’s video “Some Kind of Trouble” in 1992.
  • 1994-2000, did a number of “Original Dillards” reunion shows.
  • 2004, began performing with brother Rodney as the Dillards (with various sidemen to fill out the band).
  • 2009, was inducted into the Bluegrass Music Hall of Fame (with The Dillards).
  • 2012, died at the age of 75.
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