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  • From Nebo, North Carolina. They are originally from Clayton, Georgia.
  • Featured brothers Wallace (guitar) and Wayne (bass). They both go by their middle names (James Wallace and John Wayne). Wallace is also known as Josh.
  • Early 1970’s, performed as the Blue Ridge Mountain Boys.
  • 1975-1991, worked with legendary banjo player Raymond Fairchild, known as “King of the Smoky Mountain Banjo.”
  • 1981, released “The Crowe Brothers Sing ‘Always True'” album (Skyline).
  • 1984, released “The Gospel Way” album (Skyline).
  • 1985, released “The Winds Are Blowing in Maggie Valley” album (Atteiram).
  • 1988, released “Jesus is Coming” album (Atteiram).
  • 1989, released “I Knew It Wasn’t You” album (Atteiram).
  • 1990, formed their own band, The Crowe Brothers.
  • 1993, Wayne retired from music and Josh formed a duo with David McLaughlin (formerly with the Johnson Mountain Boys). They released one album Going Back (Rounder).
  • 1999, released “Regenesis” album (Copper Creek).
  • 2004, Josh formed the Josh Crowe Band and released “Sincerely” album (Pinecastle).
  • 2008, returned to recording and performing together with the release of Brothers-N-Harmony (Rural Rhythm).
  • 2011, released Bridging The Gap album (Rural Rhythm).
  • 2014, released Forty Years Old album (Mountain Fever) commemorating their 40 years in the music business.
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