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  • From Northeastern Arizona. Originally from Southern California (Bell, CA).
  • A family band: Jere (Pop) plays bass. Sandy Lee (Mom) plays mandolin. The kids: Daughters Cia Leigh (banjo) and Molly Kate (fiddle). Sons B.J. (fiddle/mandolin) and Skip (guitar.)
  • 1999, attended a bluegrass festival in Southern California (Norco, CA) and decided to begin playing bluegrass music.
  • Originally called themselves “Spirit High Ridge.” They lived on a high ridge in the Arizona desert at the time.
  • 2001, released first album “Still Rough Around the Edges” which was recorded in their home (Spirit High Ridge Music)
  • 2002, became a full-time touring band.
  • 2003, Molly (age 10) played fiddle on Rhonda Vincent’s album and performed with her on the Grand Ole Opry.
  • 2003, released “Bluegrass Vagabonds” album (Spirit High Ridge Music).
  • 2005, released Cherryholmes album (Skaggs Family).
  • 2005, won the IBMA Award for Entertainer of the Year.
  • 2007, released Cherryholmes II Black & White album (Skaggs Family).
  • 2008, released Cherryholmes III Don’t Believe album (Skaggs Family).
  • 2010, released Cherryholmes IV Common Threads album (Skaggs Family).
  • 2011, the group officially disbanded. Cia formed a new group called “Stetson and Cia” (with singer/songwriter Stetson Adkisson). Molly formed a new group called “Corporation Insania.” She has also been doing some fashion modeling. B.J joined Dailey & Vincent, playing fiddle. Skip Cherryholmes formed “The Skip Cherryholmes Quintet.”
  • 2013, Skip joined Sideline (with Darrell Webb, Steve Dilling, Justen Haynes and Jason Moore). He also played dates with Lou Reid and Carolina.
  • 2015, Molly joined Mountain Heart.
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