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  • From Brunswick, Maryland.
  • 1988, first pro band: South Central Bluegrass
  • 1991, played Dobro™ with Bill Harrell and the Virginians.
  • 1998, joined Norman Wright’s band The Travelers.
  • 2003, formed his own band called The Maryland Line.
  • 2005, joined Doyle Lawson and Quicksilver. Sang lead and tenor vocals, played bass and guitar. Appears on several award-winning albums including “Help is on the Way,” “More Behind the Picture than the Wall,” and “Lonely Street.”
  • 2008, left DL&Q to begin a solo career. Released Sad Songs & Sunday Mornings album (no label).
  • 2009,formed his band The Legends of the Potomac with Mike Auldridge (Dobro™), Tom Gray (bass), Norman Wright (mandolin) and Mark Delaney (fiddle)
  • 2010, released Take Off (Patuxent Records).
  • 2010, teamed up with former Quicksilver bandmate Barry Scott to form the Beachley and Scott Band.
  • 2011, after the departure of Barry Scott, the band was reorganized as Heart Town with Greg Luck, Tim Laughlin, Shayne Bartley and Jason Leek.
  • 2012, took a management position at the Frederick Memorial Hospital in Brunswick, MD. Also formed a band with Shayne Bartley, Greg Luck, Elmer Burchett and Marshall Wilborn.
  • 2016, formed a new band called The Railroaders with Shayne Bartley (guitar), Greg Luck (mandolin) and David Carroll (banjo).
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